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Quotes about Visualizing the Savior

“If you are constantly surrounded by a mist of darkness, turn to Heavenly Father and your Savior…Picture [God] close by you, listening and offering support.” -Reyna Aburto, 2019


“Whenever I pray, I imagine Heavenly Father nearby, smiling down at me and listening to every word.” -Neill Marriott, Come Unto Christ


“I imagine our Savior placing His hands on both sides of our [my] face, looking deeply into [my] eyes, and promising... to help [me] in [my] trials.” -Ellen W. Smoot, 2001


“As we pray, we should think of Him as being close by, full of knowledge, understanding, love, and compassion, the essence of power, and as having great expectations of each of us." -James E. Faust, 1976


“Throughout the week I pictured the Savior saying encouraging words to me. That image touched my heart and served to inspire me.” -Devin G. Durrant, 2015

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