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"There are not words to describe the gratitude that I have for the emotional wellness class
...that I participated in this fall of 2014. I say daily prayers, have daily scripture study and
weekly family home evenings and look for opportunities to serve. Life is good, yet I still suffer
with feelings of anxiety and depression from time to time. I have wanted to get "help," but
didn't know where to turn for a source that can be trusted. This class was the answer I have
been desiring for many years. Instead of having shame for the way that I feel, I learned how to
acknowledge and process those feelings.
This class provided a Christ centered bridge or reconciliation between what I know to be true
and the way I feel sometimes. I think that many women struggle with emotional wellness, and
men, too for that matter. This class shared very concrete and individualized answers to a
myriad of emotional issues. I can't recommend strongly enough that this class continue, in
order to uplift and heal others who are in need."
The Emotional Wellness class... has changed my life, bringing me so much closer to my
Heavenly Father and my Savior. I started my 12-week journey with understanding more deeply
the commandment 'to love thy neighbor as "thyself" ' in self compassion and the feeling the
Savior's loving comfort. I learned how to truly pray and communicate with my Heavenly Father
and to use my Savior's Atonement daily. At age 61, I am so grateful to have this knowledge
and the tools to use-- wishing I could have had them sooner in my life. This course needs to
be provided all women, young and old. The title of the course could be "learning to feel
Christ's Atonement in your life daily" -- or "incorporating the Beatitudes to come closer to
Christ." I can't imagine not being able to attend this course on Mondays...thank you from the
bottom of my heart. Please offer the course again--I need it!
"I think one of the most valuable thing I learned from this workshop is how powerful the
Savior’s Love is and how through the Atonement we can overcome most hurts, trials, losses
and build better relationships with not only the people most dear to us, but also work
relationships, relationships with neighbors, community and even strangers.
There was also a paradigm shift in my relationship with myself. I was able to see myself as the
Savior sees me and that affects every aspect of my life. I was able to internalize that I am loved
perfectly by my Heavenly Father and to better understand his compassion and pure love
towards me...
I have been hearing these lessons all my life, but [this class] made them so personal to me and
I learned more from these 12 weeks than ever before. I cannot emphasize enough, how the
spirit taught us and the Beatitudes took on deeper and richer meaning that has given me more
confidence, peace and appreciation for the Savior. My life will never be the same. I only wish it
could last longer!!! I am grateful for great handouts, assignments and messages from the
scriptures, prophets and the like that I can read over and over again.

Specific actions that will come of this experience:
I will strive to act, react and come from a place called “Loving Comfort”
I am going to pray with more gratitude for my Savior
I am going to be a better student of the scriptures
I am going to have compassion for myself, more for others
I will change the way I see others, more perfectly as the Father and Christ see them
I will know less fear and exercise more faith
I will be a better listener
I will tap into the enabling power of the atonement
I will seek to know the will of the Lord for my life
I will use my strengths to lead, lift and edify others
I will have the strength and develop the skills to make my relationships better.
I will strive to be authentic and let people know what I need
I am sure there are many more that will come as I grow and serve others applying what I have
learned in the workshop. I came away a better person and am so grateful for this experience."
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have taken [the] workshop. The steps and processes
that are taught can be life changing. They strengthen testimonies and understanding of the Atonement.
The tools that are taught are helpful in changing, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. I personally am
eternally grateful for the "change of heart" I experienced and the sisterhood we felt as a group.
I highly recommend continuing this class to benefit the spiritual and emotional well-being of the
sisters of our stake.
I just completed [the] Well Being workshop. What a remarkable class! It is truly life
changing. I did not know how needed this class would be in my life. It helped me navigate a
difficult time. [It was led] with compassion, professionalism and especially with the Spirit. The
things learned in this class, I believe are what all women in this day and age need. Such
beautifully taught principles of the Savior that help to navigate the negativity that can be all
around us. I would highly recommend this class to anyone! The skills and principles I have
learned will not only be a benefit to me for the rest of my life, but to my children and
generations to come. I know [it] is inspired teaching the things the Savior would have
us learn. This class is for everybody!
What [was] presented and taught during this course is invaluable. I think the biggest thing I
gained from being able to participate is a renewed sense of gratitude in our Savior. I
understand more clearly our Savior's love and desire for us to progress no matter how slow we
are at figuring things out ;) It was also comforting to hear of the struggles and triumphs from
the other sisters in the class. We are all at different places along the path and each of us
encounter different roadblocks along the way, but I believe this is the Lord's way of teaching us
to seek Him out and come unto Him and ask for help and guidance!
Thank you so very much for your desire to teach us what you know! It was always very
apparent that you have a strong testimony of all these things because you have learned how to
"come unto Him."
This class has impacted my life in more ways than one. I have been able to take a step back

and truly understand what part I play in accepting our Heavenly Fathers Love for each and
every one of us. I truly know he loves us unconditionally. Also this class brought several
women closer together and allowed us to openly share our hardships and work through some
difficult situations together. That bond and support is difficult to find in this world today. So
keep the class going it works wonders...
Thank you...for a wonderful learning experience...I truly feel your love for all of us. And thank
you for helping us seek, feel, learn of how to gain more peace here on this earth.
The closeness of sisters who were dealing with the same things I was, or their own struggles
to deal with, was an exquisite gift! Being able to hear their thoughts, and experiences was
another wonderful gift. But most of all were the things you presented to us that made us
think...deeply. and personally, about our own lives, and experien